by Luminita Suse

late poe-
try workshop
boxed in the library
six poets around the table
awake dreaming unreality scars
on the windowpane frost hieroglyphs
the inconceivable shrill of pens bruising
words hand-cuffed elegies flawless metaphors
fretting over static every book an illegible title the
perfect poem has a strong alibi for murdered clichés
cold squeals of bus retaliation on frigid Wellington
herbal tea & mead steaming behind Glebe facades
winter drudge over earthen hips cleavage green
still moon splinter snow diving no name fer-
tility goddess drowned in the baptismal
slush overfilling the font of the Expe-
rimental Farm final draft for poem
building solution steps: 1. bare
syllables to the bone 2.
shove useless words
3. narrow theme
then vers-
if y

Published in Ascent Aspirations Borderlines Anthology, 2007

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