by Luminita Suse

Cells are miniature chemical laboratories
thus we are unimaginably dangerous
no wonder we keep under control
hand shakes, eye contacts
and Klimt’s kiss
Cyclopic stars watch us from outer space
and throw penalizing stones at times
When entering the stratosphere
they kindle and burn
our perspectives
We have a nonaggression pact with light
It is allowed to wipe out obscurities
in turn we sometimes light up
constellation cities
in futile wars
We easily reach each other on the internet
In person is uncomfortable and insecure
Both allergies and viruses imperil
when adventuring in virtual
or nature
They threaten to confiscate precious air
from our physiognomies, fire from attitude
salt from tears, arcs from finger prints
We are inflammable together
and transient

Published in The Saving Banister,Vol 22, 2007

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