Anna of the thousand lilies

by Luminita Suse

Friday – 11:20 am

dear diary

I’ve just found out that Romans
called the winter solstice bruma
and in Romanian bruma means frost
today is not a solstice day
we are in January
so nights are getting shorter
and I do not have enough darkness
to win personal battles
last night, for instance, I fought an ogre
if I kissed an eye, he would bite my eye
if I slashed the other eye, he would caress
my other eye
if I slapped his heart, he would open
my heart
when he covered my feet with lilies
up to the ankle
I sank him in mud up to the knee

by dawn
peace scribbled with red on the horizon line
reasons liquefied in drizzle

the ogre, absent
I, Anna walled in tower of bruma lilies

Third Place in the poetry contest
organized by Chocolate River Poetry Association
April 2008

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