the place you call your own

by Luminita Suse

Falling in place takes
millions of thoughts fused into one decision
and an airplane slipstream, sprawled
across meridians
Falling in place displaces
suitcases jammed with wrinkled gods
of the past
and faces creased with much deeper worries
than frigid blueness, wide as an ocean
Falling in place calls for
new birds soaring into new horizons
robins, blue jays, ski-doos, hot-air balloons
mottling the tangible reality
the immigrant calls home
Falling in place comes to pass when
odd landscapes bewilder lesser and lesser
winds pelt the telephone booth
with liquefied gems
but your mother’s voice sounds
supernaturally close
Falling in love for a place happens when
maple leaves ascent into heart’s white canvas

Published in Verse Afire, Vol 6, No 1, 2010

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