solving the puzzle

by Luminita Suse

here I am
waiving the one way ticket
through a constellation city
my feet drum
a diminuendo on frosted alleys
my eyes snowblind
and restless
but the snow must go on
so much left to see
this world is a colossal puzzle
where everything is moving
and metamorphosing
and I came upon a few pieces
scattered on the surface
of a spinning grain
as if the first nanoseconds
of this universe were spent
on dashing the truth to pieces
so I would later restore
beauty and purpose
grateful that my sorrows
are details of a larger heart
and my life lasts
to uncover only fragments
of the whole picture

Honourable Mention in Open Heart Poetry Contest 2012,
organized by The Ontario Poetry Society

Published in Open Heart 6, Anthology of Canadian Poetry, 2012

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