by Luminita Suse

I am happy to announce that my book of English and French tanka "A Thousand Fireflies - Mille Lucioles" has been published by Editions des petits nuages and came out of the press in April, 2012.

The French translations belong to Mike Montreuil.

The foreword is written by Claudia Coutu Radmore:
"The poems of Luminita Suse are a lovely antidote for those who feel that there has not been much new in the world of tanka. Luminita’s tanka can surprise, as many do, but these poems, written from her specific background and day-to-day life, her immigrating from Romania, her travel, her scientific/mathematical background as well as the usual round of emotions are refreshing. [...] She brings us into a moment, leaves it up to us to decide whether to climb into that moment with her."

The book is dedicated to my son, Vladi:

the firefly
that always glows
his smile
fills any moment
with light

Most of the tanka in this book were published in the following magazines and anthologies: Moonbathing: A Journal of Women's Tanka, Magnapoets, Many Windows anthology, Butterfly Away anthology, Gusts, Atlas Poetica, Red Lights, Ribbons/Tanka Cafe, Take Five: Best Contemporary Tanka 2010, and Notes From the Gean.


My gratitude goes to: Claudia Coutu Radmore for her help with my tanka manuscript and encouragement; Mike Montreuil for the French translation – I agree that writing a poem may be easier than translating it; Guy Simser for unveiling the beauty of Japanese tanka during a workshop at the Tree Reading Series in Ottawa; Pamela Babusci for being the first editor to accept and publish my tanka in Moonbathing: A Journal of Women's Tanka – it meant so much to me; the KADO haiku group for their heartfelt welcome; my husband Viorel for understanding that poetry is to me as beautiful and significant as mathematics.

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